The August



I hope you all had a wonderful two weeks since I last posted a recipe. This week’s concoction is an easy salad, robust in flavor, yet delicate and light — perfect for a muggy, late summer evening. Unfortunately, I was not able to make it to Aldi this week, and so had to buy my groceries at my local Target, which also supplies fresh produce; therefore, this is a bit more expensive than the salad posted a few weeks ago.

All you need is:

3 cups of fresh spinach, washed and chopped as desired.

1/4 red onion, chopped.

1 oz. fresh mozzarella cheese, chopped.

1/4 cup craisins

1/4 cup chopped walnuts

1/2 granny smith apple

optional dressing: 2 tbs raspberry vinaigrette.

Per serving, this costs:

Spinach: $1.19

Red onion: $.14

Fresh mozz.: $0.49

Craisins: .59

Walnuts: $1.14

Granny smith apple: .29

Dressing: $.11

Total for this salad: $3.95.

This salad is more expensive, but it is so delicious (especially paired with a cheap bottle of white moscatto!).

Cheers and good tidings,



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