Being a poor student shouldn’t mean eating poorly.


My name is Katie, and I am currently a senior at a small college in Ohio studying English literature and some professional writing. Although I am fortunate enough to be able to afford college, it is by the skin of my teeth, and I have had to work close to full-time throughout my collegiate academic career.

For my senior year, I am thrilled to be living off campus. However, this amazing experience comes with more expenses and responsibilities than I could imagine. Although I am working as much as I am able, I still have to live with a tight budget. I am a firm believer that academic success depends strongly on a healthy diet… so how do I eat well on $40 a week?

I believe the key is paying attention to serving sizes, and price per serving. Every other Monday, I will post a new recipe, along with prices per serving, of a well-balanced and delicious salad that I create. I look forward to tracking my experience with all of you!

Thank you, and remember: a poor student shouldn’t have to eat poorly.




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